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Pricing : design, content, and web tool packages
Below are some example budgets. The top list shows design costs and static content only. For your site to DO something, you'll want to need to select web tools. Suggested web tool packages are below. For prices of specific services and tools, check the pricelist.

Design and Content Packages

Barest budget: $825
1 hour design goal time, 1 mockup (front and interior pages will use same template), 1 page template build, 3 pages content.

Standard budget: $1875
2 hours design goal process, 2 front mockups, 1 back mockup, 2 hours tinkering, front and interior template builds, 5 pages content.
Committee budget: $3975
4 hours design goal process, 3 front mockups, 2 back mockups, 4 hours review and adjustments, 1 front template build, 2 back page builds, 20 pages content.
Municipal budget: $6225
4 hours design goal process, 3 front mockups, 2 back mockups, 4 hours review and adjustments, 1 front template build, 2 back page builds, 50 pages content.

Web Tool Packages

Below are some suggested packages for different types of organizations, ranges of need, and budgets. All packages listed below have been priced to include a free security system.

Basic Communication: $600

Single-user security, e-mail signup module, text
e-mail tool.
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Retail Business: $650
Single user security, shopping cart store.
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Photo preparation/product data entry: hourly
Product photography: $20 each
Customer satisfaction survey tool: $600
HTML Newsletter with simple signup: $950
Small Organization/Business: $1300
Single-user security, full contact signup, contact/ member management system, text e-mail tool.
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Action Campaign Package: $2650
Single-user security system, full contact signup, petition/action campaign tool, invite friends tool, contact/member management, text e-mail tool, news tool.
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Automatic e-mail on new signup: $75
Shopping cart store: $650 (includes coordinating store template graphic design)
HTML newsletter: $750
Membership Outreach Package: $3150
Deluxe multi-user security system, full contact signup, contact/member management system, text e-mail tool, HTML newsletter, standard events calendar, news tool.
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Document management system $450
Subscription service with management system $850
Municipal Package: $4800
Deluxe multi-user security system, standard events calendar, meeting document management system, council/commission membership management, jobs tool, question/problem report tool, forms and documents management tool, news/announcements tool, subscription service (8 options).

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