Floods on the Dungeness

When snow melts in the Olympics Mountains and spring rains fall, the Dungeness River is transformed from a peaceful scenic stream into a frightening force of nature, carrying trees and debris downstream at speeds near 30 miles an hour. In the flood of March 1997, the flow of the river increased from 1,190 to 5,990 cubic feet per second in a 24 hour period. That's equivalent to 383,360 pounds of water passing the gauge each second.

Click here for USGS river flow data.

Pictures tell the story best.

During the Flood
Looking north from the Ward Street Bridge at Woodcock Road during the flood of March 1997.

“Wake of the Flood”
Approximately the same view, one week after the flood. Note the driftwood and debris on the islands in the center of the river.

Dogs in the Flood
Though flooding threatens houses, lives, and property, for Earl and Ozzie, it's just an opportunity for fun.