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Dungeness Communications : we create websites that DO things
Today's best websites are more than just pretty pictures. They do things! Using website action tools, today's websites use Internet functionality to:
  • gather information
  • store and retrieve information in online databases
  • integrate calendars and schedules
  • manage contacts
  • facilitate document exchange
  • distribute news and information
  • collect signups and registrations
  • sell products online
  • and much more.
Internet functionality today means having web tools working for you
that make your job easier and help
you DO more without spending more.
Drupal: powerful affordable content management At Dungeness Communications, Inc., our specialty is custom configured Drupal content management systems. Whether you want to build a campaign, a store, or a newspaper, we can configure Drupal to give you the best Internet technology without breaking your budget. Check out our Drupal Sites page for more information.
web design : each site a unique project
We approach each project as a fresh design challenge. Check out our site tour for a review of some of our web site designs.
website hosting : reliable, affordable, supported
We don't require that you host your site with us, but we do recommend it. We're pretty sure you won't find a better balance between cost and service.
consultation : may we help?
In today's constantly changing technology world, figuring out what to do and how to do it can seem overwhelming. We offer needs analysis and strategy consultations.
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